In anticipation for Brewer’s Choice, the culminating event of NY Craft Beer Week, being hosted by the Good Beer Seal and Beer Sessions Radio on September 22nd, from 6-9 p.m. at City Winery, we sat down to ask Jimmy Carbone what he’s most looking forward to about this year’s event.

This is the fourth year for the Craft Beer Week but only the second for Brewer’s Choice. What was your early involvement with Craft Beer Week?

Jimmy’s No. 43 has been focused on craft beer since we opened in 2005. We participated in NY Craft Beer Week since its inception in 2008. This helped inspire our creation of the Good Beer Seal—along with July Good beer month—and we’ve worked closely with Josh Shaffner and Chris Cuzme ever since.

What made you launch Brewer’s Choice?

Last year, we created “NYC Brewer’s Choice” in tandem with NY Craft Beer Week. There needed to be a focused beer and food event that would really represent the NYC beer scene. We wanted to bring together top brewers from around the world who visit NYC regularly but maybe didn’t have a signature event where they could participate. NYC has a great food culture, so bringing the two together made sense. This year, NYC Brewer’s Choice is considered the must-attend party for visiting brewers. The focus is on the brewers themselves, and they’ll bring special rare bottles of beer and preview some new ones.

How will this year’s Brewer’s Choice be different from last year?

This year Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery will be keynote speaker. Garrett has made Brooklyn the mecca for brewers worldwide. He’ll be launching the Oxford Companion to Beer soon, so expect some surprise guests from the world of beer! The biggest addition to this year’s event is Dave Brodrick, owner of Blind Tiger, champion of small craft brewers, regular guest on Beer Sessions Radio, and one of the co-founders of the Good Beer Seal. He’s a buddy whom I respect. He is curating the list of brewers, so you’ll see some new faces like the brewers from White Birch (New Hampshire), Maine Beer Company Maine!), Crossroads from upstate NY, alongside many returning brewers as well. This was the best beer event for many in 2010, so we’re glad to see them return.

Anything else you want to say about 2011′s Craft Beer Week?

I just want to mention that many of the brewers have been or will be guests on Beer Sessions Radio (a co-sponsor of Brewers Choice). The key to NYC Brewers Choice : It’s not just a beer fest; it’s a party celebrating NY Craft Beer Week hosted by 20+ individual brewers themselves with their favorite foods alongside them. Tickets can be found here.

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